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DECS-200 Digital Excitation Control System can accommodate 32Vdc, 63Vdc, or 125Vdc applications up to 15Adc. This unique flexibility provides precision control of generators of virtually any size. The DECS-200 also incorporates a pulse width modulated power stage, which improves system performances in non-linear load applications.

Options: a.) With Tracking (Y/N) b.) Voltage supply:24/48Vdc or 120/125 Vac/Vdc

DECS-200 Product specification


The DECS-200N is a very compact Negative Forcing Digital Excitation Control System. This compact design accommodates 63 Vdc and 125 Vdc applications up to 20 Adc continuously. The on-board six-thyristor controlled rectifier bridge offers the highest system performance possible, making the DECS-200N ideal for providing exceptional system response, which makes it suitable for applications requiring power system stabilizers.

Options: a.) Voltage supply:24/48Vdc or 120/125 Vac/Vdc b.) Bridge power input freq. 50-160Hz, 161-420Hz, 421-500Hz

DECS-200N Product specification


Basler Electric offers a high powered, low-cost digital excitation control system, the DECS-100. This environmentally rugged product is ideally suited for controlling the output of brushless excited synchronous generators up to 5MW. The DECS-100 has a very impressive 7Adc output from a pulse width modulated power stage. The DECS-100 is perfect for machines that will be paralleled to other generators and/or to the utility system. It is ideal for distributed generation, co-generation and peak shaving applications. The DECS-100 is easy to use, and it has communications capability with a PC. The DECS-100 utilizes microprocessor technology and control algorithms pioneered by Basler Electric for longer than a decade. It shares many features and functions of our larger excitation control systems. The DECS-100 is Basler Electric's fifth generation of microprocessor-based excitation system.

Options: a.) With VAR/PF control (Y/N), b.) With VAR/PF control (Y/N) c.) 1A or 5A CT secondary

DECS-100 Product specification


The BE2000E is an environmentally rugged product designed to control the output of brushless excited synchronous generators equipped with single phase PMG's. The BE2000E is the perfect replacement for Marathon Electric machines equipped with the popular DVR®2000E and DVR®2000EC voltage regulators. Enjoy the benefit of Basler Electric's years of experience and support of excitation control systems when choosing the BE2000E as your DVR® replacement voltage regulator.

BE-2000 Product specification