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Most of the devices listed below are synchronizers as well as load sharing devices. Many of them also have the ability to bias the AVR in order to control reactive load.
If you are looking for a direct replacement the simplest solution is to replace the unit by the same part no. provided it has not been discontinued. If you have a new installation or are upgrading existing system, our technical and sales team can guide in the best direction that meets your needs, we can also assist you in design, build and commissioning your system if you require.

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The easYgen™-1000 is a second-generation genset control designed to provide a maximum of flexibility in a user friendly, easy-to-use, and intuitive design with a big graphical display for simple applications. This controller is one of a large series of new and powerful genset controls (easYgen). This sophisticated trend-setting technology offers a maximum of flexibility for each user. New technologies included are: FlexApp™ (This intelligent and flexible feature provides the tool for simple adjustment of multiple applications); DynamicsLCD™ (The graphical LCD provides softkeys that vary depending on application and operation); FlexIn™ (The included two analog inputs can be freely configured through the user); FlexCAN™ (Flexible CAN bus for multiple use. Selectable during configuration); LogicsManager™ (A large number of measuring values, inputs, internal states or constant values can be combined logically to operate a relay contact or an internal function); FlexRange™ (The true rms voltage measuring combines both rated 120 Vac and rated 480 Vac). Users need to keep only one unit in stock. Woodward also offers the easYgen™ 300 for auto start and transfer switch operation, and the easYgen™ 3000 for multiple unit operation.

EasyGen   300 Product specification
EasyGen 1000 Product specification
EasyGen 3000 Product specification


Designed for medium- and large-sized generators, the EGCP-3 adds to the powerful EGCP-2 product with advanced IEEE protection algorithms, utility-grade metering, individual control of utility and inter-tie breakers, added input/output capabilities and backward compatibility with Woodward DSLC/MSLC synchronizers. A network of up to 16 EGCP-3 controls can handle your most sophisticated base-load, peak shaving or backup power generation applications. Based on Woodward’s powerful GAP™ application programming tools, the EGCP-3 can be easily customized by Woodward, your Woodward distributor or, with a GAP license and minimal training, by OEM customers.

EGCP-3   LS Product specification
EGCP-3 MS Product specification

DSLC Power Management control

The DSLC™ control is a microprocessor-based synchronizer and load control designed for use on three-phase ac generators equipped with Woodward or other compatible speed controls and compatible automatic voltage regulators. The DSLC control is a synchronizer, a load sensor, a load control, a dead bus closing system, and optionally a VAR/PF and process control, all integrated into one powerful, yet convenient package.

DSLC Product Specification

MSLC Power Management control

The MSLC control is a microprocessor-based load control designed for three phase electric power generation sites equipped with Woodward DSLC Digital Synchronizer and Load Control units which operate in parallel with the utility. The MSLC is a synchronizer, a utility load sensor, an import/export load level control, a power factor control, and a master process control.

MSLC Control Product Specification

SPMD Synchronizer

The SPM-D10 digital synchronizer incorporates control logic for one circuit breaker (including a two-phase synchronization), display of ac data on the front panel, a user keypad, a built-in synchroscope, and easy configuration. Also available is built-in utility protection for over-/under-voltage, over/under-frequency, phase/vector shift; generator protection for over-/under-voltage, over/underfrequency, and for reverse/reduce power and overload. The SPM-D10/YB is a three-phase synchronizer that includes the complete control logic for one power circuit breaker. Additional expanded function logic to couple synchronous networks and different de-energized (black) busses completes this unit to a complete and powerful solution. *** The SPM-D11 provides load sharing, and the SPM-D21 adds two-breaker synchronizing and load control.

      SPMD-10 Synchronizer Product Specification      SPMDYB    Synchronizer Product Specification *** SPMD-11 Synchronizer Product Specification *** SPMD-21 Synchronizer Product Specification

GCP -Generator Control Package

The most powerful of the new genset control panels — the GCP-31 and GCP-32 units — are similar in function to the GCP-21 and GCP-22 controls, but add load sharing and VAR sharing capabilities for multiple unit operation. They also incorporate a synchroscope on the front panel. Standard I/O include 16 discrete alarm inputs, 7 analog engine or generator signal inputs, 1 switching/magnetic Pickup input, and 7 freely configurable relay outputs. Additional external units interfering with the control, additional inputs/outputs, remote control and analog speed/voltage bias signals are available as options. A real-time clock and event recorder is also available.

GCP 30 Product Specification
GCP 31 Product Specification